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  • La Louche with olive tree and park in foreground. Olive oil is one of Caromb's major products width:300;;height:400
  • Mt Ventoux at dawn from La Louche width:379;;height:253
  • Village houses near La Louche width:300;;height:400
  • Mt Ventoux from the main bedroom width:221;;height:294
  • Porte de Modène in the street below La Louche width:267;;height:400
  • Park bench near La Louche where locals sit and enjoy the sun width:400;;height:300
  • Mt Ventoux in early morning light, seen from La Louche width:267;;height:400
  • Afternoon light on the road to Modène with St Pierre de Vassols towards the top right width:400;;height:267
  • Village houses from La Louche width:400;;height:267
  • Bell tower of Eglise St Maurice from one of La Louche's bedrooms width:173;;height:260
  • Mt Ventoux with Crillon Le Brave mid photo width:400;;height:267
  • View of Mt Ventoux at sunset from La Louche's terrace width:400;;height:300
  • Caromb evening - Looking towards Mt Ventoux width:512;;height:384
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