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  • LOCAL DINING - A classic grilled steak at Le Clos du Pâtre, right in Caromb width:285;;height:380
  • CHEZ SERGE - Great value lunch time dining at Chez Serge in Carpentras width:285;;height:380
  • CHEZ SERGE - A generous slice of rabbit terrine at Chez Serge, in nearby Carpentras width:380;;height:288
  • LUNCH AT LA CABASSE - A midday autumn menu at La Cabasse, a vineyard restaurant just outside Seguret width:285;;height:380
  • LA BEAUGRAVIERE - The ultimate truffle dish - liberal layers of finely sliced fresh truffle, over la ratte, France's best potatoes. width:380;;height:254
  • L'HOSTELLERIE DE CRILLON LE BRAVE - A faultless crème brulée, eaten on the terrace at L'Hostellerie de Crillon le Brave, only 4km from Caromb width:380;;height:285
  • ST REMY DE PROVENCE - A classically attired chef takes a break before lunchtime service width:380;;height:285
  • BAGUETTE - Freshly-baked bread and good butter - a great way to start lunch at L'Hostellerie de Crillon le Brave, where the views are as delicious as the food width:283;;height:380
  • CURCURON CHEFS - Overseeing the day's deliveries width:285;;height:380
  • TINY TASTES - One of a plate of three tiny desserts, part of a tasting menu width:285;;height:380
  • LA FOURCHETTE - Our favourite restaurant in Avignon. The caillettes, pieds et paquets, and daube of lamb are classic dishes; the service is exemplary width:380;;height:259
  • HEILY LUCULLUS - Côte de Veau for two, roasted with thyme, and served table side in this Avignon institution width:380;;height:285
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