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  • VELLERON - Operating in the early evening, one of the best Marché Agricoles is held here. You can buy freshly picked produce direct from the grower or producer. Velleron is about 25 minutes drive from Caromb. width:285;;height:380
  • VELLERON - One of the many producers selling a single (perfect) type of produce width:380;;height:285
  • VELLERON - Daffodils signal the start of spring width:285;;height:380
  • BASIL - The main ingredient in pistou, a Provençal staple, that's perfect as a sauce for pasta or for flavouring roasted fish width:256;;height:379
  • CAROMB - Held Tuesday morning in the Place National, the Caromb market provides you the chance to buy fresh vegetables, bread, cheese, fish and other produce width:285;;height:380
  • BEDOIN - Fresh garlic at the Monday market width:512;;height:384
  • AVIGNON - Operating daily each morning, Les Halles in Avignon gives you the chance to sample seasonal Provençal produce as well as Corsican beers and cheese width:380;;height:285
  • AVIGNON - Fresh poultry and game available at Les Halles width:380;;height:285
  • CARPENTRAS - A huge mixed market, the Carpentras market is a place where you can buy fresh produce, clothing and at the same time get those little extras to furnish your house. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for browsing. width:380;;height:285
  • CARPENTRAS - Earthenware pottery- there’s lots to consider. The mortar and pestles used to grind garlic and basil for the pistou to be added to soups, the earthenware jars for olive oil, or the “tian” used as the braising pot for the famous wine beef daube (stew). width:380;;height:285
  • RICHERENCHES - From November to March the site of a “secret” truffle market. It’s for professionals only, chefs or their agents, but you’ll enjoy the subdued theatre of this experience. width:253;;height:380
  • L'ISLE SUR LA SORGUE - Produce, antiques and secondhand goods – there’s so much to see at the renowned Sunday morning market width:285;;height:380
  • COUSTELLET - Old varieties of tomatoes bursting with flavour width:380;;height:317
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