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  • BOUCHERIE ET CHACUTERIE - Lining up in Sault for the great produce from this store width:512;;height:384
  • Stunning pumpkin at Velleron Marché Agricole width:285;;height:380
  • POMME DE TERRE - La Ratte fingerling waxy, nutty-flavoured potatoes favoured by chefs, and blue vitelotte potatoes cultivated since the early 1800s width:285;;height:380
  • FROMAGE DE CHÈVRE - Goat’s cheese made in the Drôme at Col d’Espreaux width:285;;height:380
  • TRUFFE - Buying a truffle at the Richerenche market. 80% of truffle production occurs in the Drôme, the Vaucluse and the Alpes de Hautes Provence width:380;;height:253
  • FRISEE - This slightly bitter curly endive makes a flavour addition to mixed green salads width:380;;height:262
  • SAUCISSON - Choose from pork, ass, goat, beef and wild boar flavoured with a range of subtle herbs and spices width:380;;height:285
  • AIL ROSE DE LAUTREC - Pink garlic cultivated and sold in the traditional style of a "bunch of grapes" width:285;;height:380
  • POISSON FUME - Smoked fish width:256;;height:383
  • ESCARGOTS - Freshly prepared snails available at good traiteûrs including Le Fruitier de Saint Agricole in Avignon width:380;;height:316
  • RADIS - French radish at the Orange market width:512;;height:384
  • ARTICHAUT - Artichokes imported from Spain width:285;;height:380
  • COCHON - Pigs’ feet width:375;;height:281
  • CHATAIGNES and NECTARS - Chestnuts from the Ardèche, wild rosemary flavoured apricot nectar from the Luberon and wild savoury flavoured cherry nectar from Bédoin width:380;;height:253
  • CHÈVRE - Freshly made by Marie Ellen in her fromagerie en route to Modene width:385;;height:512
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